explore physical and cultural geography to deepen student understanding of the world they live in

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Motivate Students to Conduct Their Own Research

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Engage Students with Hands-On Skill Building

When students feel connected to what they're learning, they are more likely to make deep connections and ask advanced questions. Students can map their way through the world and become engaged with fascinating social studies concepts.

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Connect Physical and Cultural Geography

Connect physical and cultural geography with the hands on Mapping Our World program.  Students will be provided with rich coverage of each continent. The opportunities for exploration are endless with a variety of land cover, political relief, and thematic maps at your fingertips.

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A Look Inside

Support your geography or global studies classroom with the newly updated, hands-on Mapping Our World series. The program includes a comprehensive student atlas, teacher’s guide, and 15 markable activity maps. Digital subscription includes additional close-reading activities and online assessments.


Digital Maps and Activities

Enhance your blended classroom with engaging atlases and interactive activities. The online activities  available in Nystrom World push students to think critically about the atlas's many maps, photos, and graphs as they interpret information from multiple sources to draw conclusions, and the e-atlas flipbook provides access to online-only content that allows students to dig deeper into the atlas's themes.

Incorporating hands-on activities with maps can help students ground themselves in a specific location when discussing geography or history. This forms a connection that is tangible, experiential, and therefore memorable.
Dr. Aaron P. Willis
Chief Learning Officer, Social Studies School Service

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